Learning Front end development via Codevixens Academy

Zara loved wearing designer collections or at least she loved celebrities who wore them. she would seat on a cushion at home with a cup of coffee in one hand and her phone on the other while she surfed the net for new trends and who wore what in the fashion world.

Zara in this context is moi, designer collection is coding while the celebrities are the software developers. I had always admired Software developers especially the female ones from afar and in my mind I’d be like..God when oo?

I was always scared of trying it again. Yeah, i used the word “again” because i used to code back in the days, not like a bad ass though but i could find my way around until the interest died majorly because i lost interest, had other things that took my attention and decided that coding was hard and strenuous(I still think it is hard o).

Some years after my B.Sc, two of my friends took it upon themselves to bug life out of me to resume coding again. In their words, “We know you can do better; coding is the in thing now o, no dull o) One of them then gave me a link to join the Codevixens Academy class and i reluctantly clicked the link to sign up and joined the front end beginners class.

This is my 5th week and I must confess, I have had no regrets so far(i pray it stays so). i am still very far from becoming a bad ass but i am happy for the baby steps i have taken so far. We’ve covered HTML and we are currently on CSS. Big shout out to CodeVixens Academy. In Mr Macaroni’s voice….’ya doing well’. Thumbs Up.

A picture of html codes

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